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Your brand, your 4 problems. Our One app, your 4 solutions

Eccomerce Website

Easy-to-use e-commerce website where you can create, display and sell to the world.

Facebook Applications

Increase your revenue streams by selling through proper Facebook application store.

Customer Queries

Solve real-time customers’ queries through our Mobile Application, no more delays..!

SMS Campaign

Send SMS to specific groups using our SMS campaign management system.

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features


E-shop solution

Our unique and innovative layout makes management and record keeping of every single detail much easier. The distance between your inventory to your monthly sales is just a click. A list of features that we provide is given below.

  • Inventory: Under a tab your inventory is sub divided into products, categories and the materials of clothing.
  • Orders: This holds the record for the orders that have been placed or are under process, along with their invoices and the details of the user who has placed the order via your online shop.
  • Collection and Catalogues: This is where the collections that you have uploaded earlier can be easily viewed along with the photo shoots. Which allows you go through the history of your posts with the time and date of their upload.
  • Store Themes: Further, we have designed a number of templates, which allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to change the look of their online store from time to time so that their customers don’t get bored. You can also ask for a customized theme for your online store as per your requirement.
  • Sales: Monitoring your monthly/ annual sales has never been more easier than this, Our interface provides you with the accurate calculations and the graphs to your monthly/annual sales.


In today's growing markets the relationship between a brand and its customers matters the most. Our quick response feedback feature allows you to respond to the queries in real time. You can easily locate the questions that have been asked and answered along with your response time.


SMS Management

Our quick response services also accommodate you with the facility of real-time messaging. This is where you could act, respond and advertise at the same time. Some key solutions that we provide has been mentioned below:

  • SMS Subscription: Your customers can subscribe here to your SMS service.
  • SMS Campaigns: You can run your SMS campaigns, advertise, market and flaunt your deals or sales through the options we provide.
  • Tracking your Customers: You could divide your customers into groups for eg. Male and female. Further, it gives you your target market through which you could target an individual group of customers who might be interested in a particular type of collection or a particular offer for that matter.

Social Media Application

Since Facebook and Twitter our market trends have shifted into new directions. Apart of our online solutions also provides you solution to all your social media problems through one simple interface. Where you interact with your customers and respond. This minimizes the hassle of handling your business in different tabs. A query as simple as a Facebook photo comment or post on your Facebook page could be answered through the panel we provide. Furthermore we design your Facebook shop for you which also provides you with a number of different and easy to operate features. It's simply life made easier.

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